Day 24 (2008) – The Talking To

December 23, 2008


Day 24 – Thursday December 18th 2008

In the guest room we did stay,

Even after a good night sleep, we still felt in the way.

Later on in the afternoon Jim Dash came by,

Taking Dad out to talk with him ,we did not know why.

In a private nook area of the house,

So quiet you could here the sleeping of a mouse.

Jim asked Dad why he came here and brought such poor presents,

Being insulted with his family he quite resents.

Looking surprised and almost returning in anger,

“Maybe you need to be correct this Christmastime day”,

“Sir – you have obviously lost your way.”

Jim replied, “What I have earned came with a price I paid dearly”,

“For many a time I never got anything for Christmas yearly.”

“I won’t have my family lose out on that enjoyment”,

“I had enough years getting nothing for my employment.”

Dad said back, “So that gives you the right to forget about those you fell have no right,”

“To a Christmastime Dream – even if only for a night”

“The Dream isn’t just for you – one with great wealth,”

“The greedier your mind, the poorer your life!”

“Do you not understand – treating people badly is just not right”

“We thank you for a dinner and place to stay,”

“But it is not time for this family to take flight to somewhere where we are treated right”

After finding Tippy and Brandy hiding throughout all of this,

Dad gathered us all, so we could get away from this Christmastime non-bliss.

It’s a five day drive back to our humble little home,

The last trip made us wonder, why did we even agree on this trip to go.

– The Family


Day 23 (2008) – Arriving In Paradise

December 23, 2008


Day 23 – Wednesday December 17th 2008

Arriving in the down that is the site for our next drop,

Everything was to beautiful and huge we just had to stop.

We thought maybe we had driven to the wrong place again,

The town square looked like the Garden Of Eden – where time began.

Mom looked at Dad and said, “Is this the right town?”

“The neighbors list usually had people that were nothing but down.”

The town looked like a neighborhood with the best of the best,

The kind of town that usually forgets about all the rest.

We kept on driving – the street names were right.

When we got the the house it was bigger than our whole yard.

Even in the back it had a big fancy barn,

The list said the family got rich from selling the worlds best yarn.

Walking up the the house, a little intimidated were we,

Little Jack heard barking and got afraid that he would be chased like a little bee.

When we knocked on the door the family was a friendly, but definitely stuck up,

Dad said under his breath, “I think this one is going to run amuck.”

Looking at the tree, a single gift was bigger than the whole bag we brought,

Ginny said, ” I think we are going to get laughed at allot.”

After we put our gift under the tree, it rustled about,

The dog rolled his eyes and looked at us like even with him we had no clout.

To our surprise we were invited to dinner in the dinning room hall,

It seemed as big at the local mall.

The head of the house, Jim Dash, said with a sneaky smile,

“To the less fortunate – may the feed us well for quite a while!”

Then he looked at us ang got on an even bigger grim,

“My old poor high school pal sent you – that’s the only reason you got in,”

“I need entertainment this year … so I’ll grant your little whim.”

What crazy thing did our old neighbors get us in???

-Ginny, Little Jack, Dad, Mom

Day 22 (2008) – The Tree Of We

December 19, 2008


Day 22 – Tuesday December 16th 2008

All of the sudden we heard light knock on the door,

We we didn’t answer, louder it got more and more.

Dad opened the door, it was his friend named Bill,

Hold presents in on hand and a tree in the other he said,

“Well Hi there Jill!”

Mrs. Diller turned, a little embarrassed,

It was her regular customer from the store they run up the road.

My Dad smiled not knowing they knew each other,

He knew this was going to make things all the funner.

The kids ripped into the presents, and Mrs Diller put the tree in it’s place,

It looked like the kids were opening the gifts in a one minute race.

After the gifts all opened and scattered they be,

Hugging the tree, the oldest Diller dubbed it, “Our Tree Of We!”

We didn’t understand it, but he was only three!

Bill, who lived up on the hill said he didn’t know they actually lived HERE!,

He offered them a house, needing only a little repair.

Mrs Diller cried this year knowing The Christmastime spirit was still aware,

That they needed better shelter from the weather that entered this tiny house everywhere.

When Mrs Diller asked how he could give them something they had not bought,

He said in his church, giving not getting is what was taught.

Mr Diller then spoke up and said he was not sure he could receive it due to his pride,

For once in his life my Dad spoke up and said, “That attitude needs to die!”

“This is God giving you a gift of grace and hope His son has already paid for”,

“Really, is your pride something you want more?”

Ginny, Little Jack and Mom looked confused,

This was the first time we ever saw did get so short fused.

Tippy and Brandy looked for hiding places in the one room house of the Diller’s,

Brandy ran behind the new tree, Tippy behind the house’s single pillar.

But once Mr Dller realized what he said was right,

He started to pack up their belongings this very night.

God provided something even Santa couldn’t fit in that big bag of wishes,

Near year Jill and family will have a place to celebrate her old

family tradition of the seven fishes!

Tonight on our way we will continue to go,

After helping the family get out of this tiny house, buried in snow.

– Little Jack, Ginny, Brandy and Tippy

Day 21 (2008) – The House With Not Much

December 19, 2008


Day 21 – Monday December 15th 2008

Waiting for Mom and Dad under and icy tree,

Brandy and Tippy looked like they were happy to be out of the car and free,

The old house did not see that bright – less the brightly lit driveway light,

I hope going to this address on the last turn we were right.

Little Jack knocked on the door hoping for kids anxious to play,

If Dad remembered right … in this house he may get his way.

Mrs. Diller opened the door, the Mom of the family inside,

And with our wish to visit she seemed happy to abide.

When we entered, we noticed the inside also didn’t have much,

In my history books at school I’ve seen houses like this and such.

Little Jack happily waved to the two children waiting inside,

He asked if the sled in the car they wanted to ride.

All the children looked like outside in the cold they were ready to be,

Looking around Little Jack asked, “I only see two …. Dad you said there were three?”

Dad pointed at the crib that almost looked like a wooden box,

The child in it was about the size of a newborn baby fox.

For a house that was old as anyone can remember,

The fireplace kept the place quite warm – even in December.

Dad explained this house was really part of history,

But after the family home burnt, this is the only place they had to be.

The bought it to restore so others could see how in past times people did live,

But after to family home went, help for them was not there to give.

Mom started cooking stew in the fireplace in an old fashioned way,

It smelled like a good meal everyone would have this day.

During dinner my Dad said he had a friend with a house on the next hill,

If I remember right, his name may have been Bill.

Dad said tonight we will stay overnight,

The Children screamed, and the dogs jumped in delight.

Dad’s said tomorrow his friend will visit – or at least he hopes he will,

The Christmastime spirit was so strong, the baby would not keep still.

We all got ready for a relaxing sleepy night,

But laying in sleeping bags on an old dirt floor just didn’t seem right.

– Little Jack and Dad

Day 20 (2008) – Asleep In The Car

December 18, 2008


Day 20 – Sunday December 14th 2008

Asleep in the car – a long ride was it for wee Little Jack,

A tiny little bit of snoring came from the back.

Mom drove the car this early morn,

It’s the first time I’ve seen her at the wheel since I’ve been born.

Tippy looked relaxed so she must have done this before,

Dad was sleeping too – he must have really needed a break.

On the way down the road we came near a cute little store,

I wondered if we could stop … doggy treats, we need some more.

Behind the store we went to a driveway with a very bright light,

When I looked at it I could see less than even at night.

With the bright light, a heavy fog made it hard to see as we got near,

The old house seemed like it was from a long time previous ancient year.

I wonder if this was the home with the family of more than three,

Through the window I could see this tiny sadly shrunken tree.

Mom started to wake all that fell asleep while traveling on our way,

I guess it’s time to welcome someone new on this very day.

I wonder if the people behind the store that we will meet,

Will have a really big bag of tasty doggy treats.

– Brandy

Day 19 (2008) – Back On Our Way

December 18, 2008


Day 19 – Saturday December 13th 2008

Back on our way our singing grew loud,

Tippy and Brandy started howling right up to the clouds.

Our trip is back on track this snowy pre-Christmas night,

We all wonder if our old dad could see driving on this road without light.

Little Jack kept trying to sing, but he just couldn’t get the words,

Every Christmas carol that came out oh him sound just a little absurd.

Mom roller her eyes with a hint of a tiny smile,

I haven’t seen something like this make her happy for a long while.

On our way down the road we saw many waiting snowmen,

While the white crystals in the air were just a blowin’

The next family we will see,

Just welcomed a new life to a family of already three.

– Ginny

Day 18 – Hope On The Farm

December 17, 2008


Day 18 – Friday December 12th 2008

Right after Little Jack’s joyous scream,

We could see the old man’s eyes start to beam.

Excitement like that this house for twenty years hasn’t seen,

Petting Brandy’s head – his eyes started to gleam.

Years ago my son and I had quite a tiff,

I though he was just irritated because I called him “Biff”.

It was really because on all things we did not agree,

And in the end I told him he needed to flee.

He did just that and I haven’t seen him since,

Every year I put a note on the billboard downtown –

apologizing for my long time stubborness.

I hope sometime he’ll stop nearby,

and read the note, and realize I really didn’t want him to say goodbye.

We prayed silently that someday he will get his wish,

And on the holidays he and his some will eat from the same baking dish.

At that time there was a thunderous knock on the door,

And we all laughed when a scared Tippy hit the floor.

We looked out the door window at the shirt buttons of a great big man,

“Could it really be my son, Sam!”, he said in an excited whisper.

That withered old man ran like he was on a cloud,

Screaming, “I’m coming” at the door, quite loud.

At the time Mom shed a few tears,

Which had us all quite confused – she hadn’t done that in years!

Sam said, “I saw your not near the Courthouse door”,

“I always though you wanted to see me no more.”

All of us shared this tiny table full of dinner and desert,

With our own eyes we watches our prayers dissolve years of hurt.

At the end of the night the old man and his son with their faces bright,

Watched Tippy and Brandy play enthusiastically with delight.

We handed out our homemade Christmas gifts,

But the real present we saw was hope overcoming a lifetime of rift.

Maybe the first stop on our trip wasn’t for the old man alone,

Maybe someone was telling us, without a heart, a house is not really a home.

Thirteen days more ’til our Christmas time break,

We have to keep on with our trip – we surely don’t want to be late!

– The Family, Tippy, Brandy, The Old Man, and Sam

PS. to Little Jack ….. it’s thirteen days, not eight …..

you still need to work on your counting!

Day 17 – The Farm On The Hill

December 17, 2008


Day 17 – Thursday December 11th 2008

As our trip started on this snow covered winter road,

We got closer to our first stop to empty part of our Christmas load.

It was a farm on a white rounded hill,

Litte Jack said it looked like a big white snow mill!

When we arrived we saw only a small dim light burning,

and in the corner, an old man – his eyes full of yearning.

Dad said the neighbors told of him being alone,

In this house that seemed to no longer be a home.

After we knocked and he opened the door,

We could see the Christmastime of his youth lived on no more.

When he asked why we were here,

Mom said we would like a chance to make his heart warmer this year.

He let us in, but without a smile or hint of happiness within,

It seemed that loneliness with this man had scored a big win.

Even Brandy seemed to hold off her normally excited greeting,

Instead, nuzzling his hand for a friendly meeting.

As we talked and shared a little dinner,

We were all scared that our first Christmastime chore wasn’t going to be a winner.

All that we know is that to the old man all was lost,

His family moved away, and his farm animals he could now keep because of the cost.

Since we were new at this – we guessed we needed patience,

A virtue that Little Jack did not yet know of.

Halfway through dinner, he looked right at the old man,

With a big smile on his face screamed, “Eight days more ’til

Christmastime day …. I know Santa must be starting on his way!!”

Ginny hurried up and cupped Little Jack’s mouth as the old man jumped,

Little Jack’s eyes looked like he was preparing for a quick smack on the rump.

– The whole family

Day 16 (2008) – Loading Day

December 17, 2008


Day 16 – Wednesday December 10th 2008

Loading day started early and as expected,

Mom chasing Brandy – and her listening not as directed.

Dad was whistling and happily dancing,

While Brandy and Mom did a little Christmastime prancing.

Dad announced it was time to load up the gas guzzling reindeer,

And Little Jack happily asked, “Regular or unleaded?!”

My little brother, although I love him dearly,

I think he never thinks about what he says – at least rarely.

All of us loaded up the card for the start of the trip this eve,

Hopefully with our gift and hearts we’ll help another in hope believe.

With the car loaded to the brim with the custom made presents,

And bows and ribbons surrounding Tippy and Brandy,

it made them look like big old pheasants.

As we jumped in the car and drove on our way,

Little Jack screamed out, “Nine days ’til Christmastime day!”

– Ginny and Little Jack

Day 15 (2008) – The Pageant

December 17, 2008


Day 15 – Tuesday December 9th 2008

On this evening lay fresh white new snow,

Mom and Dad decided to take us the the Christmas Pageant Show.

We’ve never been to a show so we didn’t know what would happen,

The children said their lines in such ways to keep us laughin’.

All through the eve – the show said the same message,

That the Christmas Tree wasn’t the real blessing.

The story was Jesus was born on this day we celebrate,

So that at the end of his life, to Grace there would be no debate.

We think that getting gifts is the reason for the lights,

But Jesus giving us a new life is what really makes things shine bright.

The Christmastime trip was not about getting gifts to make things feel better,

Surely, you could to that with a well written letter.

The family knew now it was about giving and not getting,

and in your heart truly believing, no on whims betting.

They new now it comes from what is given from the heart and not the hand,

And not from a gift that person got from a demand.

Little did they know that a bunch of out of tune little kids,

Could carry such a message to remove from light a years long lid.

Tomorrow starts this year’s Christmastime trips,

The family now will have a reason to keep smiles of their normally frowning lips.

– A silent friendly observer

Day 14 (2008) – Battle Of The Bone

December 9, 2008


Day 14 – Monday December 8th 2008

On Monday the Watermaker Workshop was in full tilt,

To give us some peace we let Tippy and Brandy play outside,

Now we could work and get things built.

While the family was growing closer, happier than we’ve ever been,

Tippy and Brandy were making enough noise to wake up an old sleeping hen.

Running around the snowman that the family just built,

They seemed to have enough fun to bring on a little bit of guilt.

Brandy was bolting and playing with Tippy’s last favorite toy,

When she headed for the door that Mom was opening,

Little Jack Screamed, “Oh Boy!!”

Mom went flying and flipping high up in the air,

When she came down, I’m sure Brandy would have something to fear.

The pies she made to freeze for our Christmastime trip,

Brandy took out in one quick high speed clip.

Tippy chased Brandy trying to get her favorite old bone,

Completely unaware of the redecorating she was doing to our home.

When you looked at Brandy she had a big smile on her face,

Like a little one trying to put her big sister in her place.

Mom was still on the floor, red-faced, surrounded by pies,

The dogs stopped dead and scared …. once she looked then in the eyes.

Mom broke out in a laugh of Christmas joy we all now know,

“Don’t worry Brandy ….”, she said,

I’ll get you back this year and make you wear a cute Christmas bow!”

We all thought for sure the dogs lives were going to end,

But I guess Mom’s heart now can do a little bend.

Our Christmastime hearts have been changing like this.

Maybe we will learn enough to spread some true Christmas bliss.

Little Jack started singing again, “Christmastime, Christmastime this jolly year”,

“Not getting enough presents do I now not fear!”

Dad spoke up and said after the Christmas pageant tomorrow,

We’ll start getting ready for part of the Christmastime trip.

Someone needs us early to get rid of some sorrow.

– Tippy and Brandy, Dad, Mom, Little Jack

P.S. from Tippy and Brandy – The pies were good.

Day 13 (2008) – The Rush To Church

December 8, 2008


Day 13 – Sunday December 7th 2008

Sunday morning Mom awoke with a great lurch,

Dad forgot to turn on the alarm so we could be on time for church.

Mom’s mind remember and old-time looking church of her younger days,

The pastor greeting late comers with advice to change their lazy ways.

It brought back old fears of her earlier life,

Where trying to be good was made to fell like constant strife.

She yanked Dad out of bed, and yelled at the kids to get ready,

Making everything move so fast that Little Jack became unsteady.

Sliding down the stairs he went in his padded PJs,

It looked like he had fun in an unexpected way.

Mom yelled, “Get ready, get ready … we have to get to church sometime this year”,

You could almost hear her anxiety turn into a little fear.

We zipped everyone into their Sunday clothes,

Dad drove the car so fast …. from the tires quite a bit of smoke rose.

Arriving at the church Mom had found close by early this morn,

It didn’t reminder her of the old church of her youth that she did not adore.

Although a little late, the pastor still greeted us all with a smile on his face,

“Welcome to our church, and we hope your hearts will find a home in this place.”

When we walked inside it was all shiny and bright,

Just like it was lit up with God’s own Christmastime light.

Mom relaxed for almost the first time in her life walking into this room,

She realized the punishment for all she did wrong, in a church did not loom.

Everyone was friendly and happy to see us, not even knowing who we were.

We didn’t think new people to this place would cause such a stir.

The service was different than Mom had ever seen,

I honestly didn’t think today I would see her face beam.

The pastor stopped by afterwards and said “Hi!” to Little Jack,

He thought for the Christmas Pageant Tuesday eve he would like to stop back.

He told my Mom and Dad after the show there would be cookies and drink,

My and Little Jack’s eyes got big enough we couldn’t even blink.

Surprised, on our first time back to church my Mom didn’t even take flight,

Maybe my mom’s heart is changing in the glow of the Christmastime light.

Thirteen …. oops, sixteen days ’til Christmas Eve night,

Little Jack just of four is still trying to get his counting even a little bit right!

-Ginny and Little Jack

Day 12 (2008) – Look At The Lights

December 8, 2008


Day 12 – Saturday December 6st 2008

We changed our minds early this day,

To see all this Christmas Lights we wanted.

Our Christmas relaxing play-time trip,

We canceled to see the lights at the local roadside strip.

Little Jack looked in delight,

Screaming out, “Look at all the lights!!”

One had Santa loading all of the gifts for his late night flight,

It was all animated making it look just right.

We watched the flowing waters from an old mill on another display,

While at the next, the reindeer were jumping in play.

The car ride took most of the evening,

But Little Jack’s eye’s just too in all the the Christmas Believing.

At the end of the night we were happy and bright,

Getting closer and closer to that Christmastime light.

Mom put out our Sunday best to be ready or tomorrow,

I’m glad they weren’t hand-me-downs or things we had to borrow.

I guess Mom is giving in to Dad’s want to try to go to church,

Although I’m not sure Mom gave Dad a smile or a slight snear.

Little Jack kept on singing, “Christmastime, Christmastime Night”,

“Fourteen days until all of my presents beam under the Christmas Tree lights!”

– The thoughts of Little Jack and Ginny on the ride.

Day 11 (2008) – The Watermaker Toy Shop

December 5, 2008


Day 11 – Friday December 5th 2008

This next day we continued with all the gift making fun,

For the first time as a family away from each other we didn’t want to run.

The world seemed to change during these very new days,

I thought, “maybe it’s possible for us to change our long time not so great ways.”

As our hands created the new toys to become some child’s Christmastime Dream,

Tippy and Brandy sniffed them with approval – even their eyes started to beam.

Our hands worked away after school and into the night,

We wanted to make sure out gifts were made just right.

We created and created and at the end of this Friday night,

The once troubled Watermaker house looked festive and bright.

“We found a better happiness in preparing for Christmas in this way”,

Dad said, “Maybe we should go to church, this Sunday, at least for one day.”

Mom looked at Dad and asked him if he was crazy,

The family has never really gone – Mom thinks everyone call us lazy.

Dad said, “We need to go, maybe it will help us be better in what we do.”,

Mom said, “Well, of God yells at me – I’m blaming it on you!”

By this time Tippy and Brandy we just noses under the couch,

It’s been a few days since Mom turned into a grouch.

Maybe this Saturday, if we all go out to play,

On Sunday, it will be easier to start on a new way.

I wonder if God sees our family in this valley that looks like a large bowl,

And looks at our wandering footsteps in snow like that of a big lost soul.

– Mom, Dad, Tippy, Brandy, Ginny, Little Jack

Day 10 (2008) – A Snowy Change Of Heart

December 4, 2008


Day 10 – Thursday December 4th 2008

It snowed lots last night after we left The Old Place,

The white blanket was so heavy, nothing looked out of place.

Today we thought much about the spirit of Christmas,

And our needed change of heart – this we could not dismiss.

To get us “family happy”, we thought we should hand make each gift,

For our hearts and souls, this activity should surely give them a lift.

Years past, the holidays were rough as such,

The family didn’t really get along that much.

We thought the spirit of Christmas was just getting gifts,

But, really, about the time we didn’t know enough and our hearts went amiss.

We forgot a man gave his life to give us the best gift of all,

And we wouldn’t admit to something small, for fear of taking a fall.

Maybe making these presents would help us come together,

Opening our eyes to the spirit of Christmas, so we could know it much better.

Tippy and Brandy snored while we talked and figured things out,

Tonight we stayed inside, instead of being out and about.

We planning out gift making to supply our future trip,

Little Jack was already working on a cute refrigerator magnet clip.

On this day we quietly worked, and while talking it seemed,

Everyone was nice, our hearts actually beamed.

Maybe that heavy clean white blanket of nighttime snow,

Let a little light into our hearts, which earlier they did not know.

Looking out the kitchen window I stared at the back trail,

For some reason it made me know this Christmas would be real.

– Ginny

Day 09 (2008) – The Old Place

December 3, 2008


Day 09 – Wednesday December 3rd 2008

After school Brand and Tippy needed some fun,

So we took them to a field so they could flat out run.

Next to it is The Old Place we all know,

It looks pretty cool after a heavy night’s snow.

My Dad said that on the Chritsmastime trip we may see,

People living in homes still like these.

Mom looked at the the list we made on last night’s ride,

“You seriously don’t think these things I’m going to buy!”

Brandy and Tippy looked at each other figuring the kids asked for expensive things,

Tippy looked and Brandy and said ,”Your the one still wanting some lavish doggy bling”.

Dad said maybe it’s time we think how we want unneeded things,

Maybe we should start being happy just with what life brings.

Mom stared at him and said, “This Christmas I’m not giving up a thing,”

In fact I expect an upgrade on my old, small, pathetic engagement ring.

Just because you agreed to do this trip to get the kid a dog,

Doesn’t mean we’re going to a point where our fireplace has but one log.

Maybe if these poor people would work a little harder,

The more money they would have, and themselves go a little farther.

Tippy, Ginny, Little Jack, Brandy, and Dad all looked almost mad,

They thought Mom’s attitude this season was just a little sad.

A Christmastime Dream is not always perfect,

But in The Old Place lies a heart that is always working.

– Mom, Dad, Ginny, Little Jack, Tippy, Brandy

Day 08 (2008) – The Christmas List Trip

December 2, 2008


Day 08 – Tuesday December 2nd 2008

Dad decided to take us on a ride this middle eve,

We saw a great tree on the river, reminding us to believe.

Believe that Santa will come, even if this winter is a bear,

Ginny and I said out loud, “We need to prepare!!”

During that car ride we worked on this year’s Christmas list,

It’s toys we wanted … we hoped Santa would get the gist.

Not like last year … ugly clothes we both got,

This year … we want toys and toys brought by the lot!

Dad giggle up front and said in his funny way,

“Why don’t both ask for a shovel to help me on a snowy Christmas day?!”

Ginny and I hoped we did not hear right what he did say,

We screamed back, “Us shovel snow on Christmas Day?? …. Dad, are you OK???”

For the rest of the ride we worked on our list of Christmas wishes,

and dreamed that Santa would turn then into new toy blisses.

“Remember in a few weeks we have to start planning our trip”,

“To start our Christmastime Dream and help hurting hearts do a happy flip.”

“But what about our hearts … Dad, don’t we need to work first on those?”,

“I guess your are right, Ginny and Little Jack … I suppose, I suppose.”

-Ginny, Little Jack, Dad

Day 07 (2008) – At The Lake

December 1, 2008


Day 7 – Monday December 1st 2008

At the dock of the Lake I remember one day we were,

It created in my mind a really big stir.

My dad put on some big skates for me to wear,

He looked and me and laughed, “You have nothing to fear”.

Dad stood me up on my skates,

I quickly fell down and screamed “these things have no brakes!”

For that year three years old was I,

So I asked Dad, “Why do I have to skate, why?”

“Well, in the snowy season this activity is fun”,

I didn’t tell my Dad, but I thought it was kind of dumb.

Holding on to me while we moved on the ice,

He said to keep close so I wouldn’t fall through … wouldn’t that be nice ?!?

I started to get a little worried when the sun got all bright,

But Dad assured, “The ice would stay thick, alright?”

We had our fun I remember that year at the lake,

But he said this year the ice was thin and it would break.

So I did not get the memory again this Christmas year,

maybe instead we’ll go to the mountains and see a good ol’ black bear!


Day 06 (2008) – A Rather Snowy Day

December 1, 2008


Day 06 – Sunday Nov 30th 2008

This Sunday as the family heads off to church,

We remained in our cage – even as Brandy tried to get out with a big lurch.

We knew we were bad,

But bring stuck in the house really makes us sad,

As  the snow trickles down more and more,

I can’t sleep, because brandy just HAS to snow.

The winter wonderland outside begins to build quite big,

Out in the snow, both Brandy and I would love to dig.

But as Brandy and I stared into the winter wonderland,

We realized we got ourselves into this jam.

Maybe when the family comes home tonight,

Into the snow Brandy and I can play just right.

We know if we try we can change our way,

We had to be inside on a rather snowy day.

-Tipp and Brandy

Day 05 (2008) – The Late Feast

November 29, 2008


Day 5 – Saturday November 29th 2008

Waking early in this new morning today,

we jumped up ready for some really crazy play.

Then our stomachs started growling to an internal bell,

and we realized another thing as well,

It’s now a few past Thanksgiving day,

And us two beasts haven’t yet had our feast!

Brandy said to Tippy “Our stomachs are feeling amiss”,

How could our owners let us skip out on this?

Holiday hunger is such a terrible thing,

We need some leftover chocolate pie to give us some zing.

Brandy followed her instincts and knocked over the garbage can,

After hearing the big bang, the only thing I could think was “oh, man!”

A few seconds later, Brandy started lapping up the post feast food,

I did too, and with my stomach filling it greatly changed my mood.

While enjoying our slightly sneaky ways we hoped would last,

we heard dad running to put a quick end to the blast.

“Tippy and Brandy, what’s wrong with you??”

“Don’t you know Mom is going to turn your butts black and blue?”

After Mom had seen what we had done, she went into a rage,

“Somehow”, Tippy said, “Today … I just knew I was going to end up in my cage.”

-Tippy and Brandy

Day 04 (2008) – The Day After Thanksgiving

November 28, 2008


Day 04 – Friday November 28th 2008

Hanging out the window of my attic bedroom floor,

I could hear my brother below loudly let out a snore.

As I watch the snow fall on the trail below,

My stomach groans to complain it’s too full – like I didn’t know.

I wish my life was like the snowflakes all happy and glistening,

I get tired of my boring life with nobody listening.

This year, thanks to the happy neighbors of times past,

We have to spread Christmas cheer which I’m not sure we know how to make such a blast.

I don’t understand why we have to do this … just because we gave home to a small dog,

Having to spread happiness makes my insides knot up like an ugly frog.

I’m not depressed or mean or anything,

But these days everyone tells you that Christmas just means bling, bling, bling.

My heart says it’s something different, not the meaning that’s been bent.

But I’m not sure I’ve ever been taught by my family what it really meant.

Looking again at the snowflakes falling below,

Maybe a real Christmas someday I will know.

– Ginny

Day 03 (2008) – Thanksgiving Day

November 27, 2008


Day 3 – Thursday November 27th 2008

We awoke on this turkey day,

In an unhappy, very smelly way.

Mom pulled out a big pumpkin pie,

and angrily said to herself, “oh my, oh why?”

As Dad walked into the room in his half awakened way,

He looked at the sunken pie and uttered quietly, “Oh no! Not Today!”

Mom shot him a look, her hair still in a bun,

“Maybe YOU should have started Thanksgiving Dinner and joined in on the fun”.

While hours later we all did feast … listening to the clock going tic – tic – tic,

Not one talked, whispered, or smiled even bit.

Holiday times with us seemed like a comedy on stage,

Maybe this year Tippy and Brandy will inspire a little change.

While Ginny and Little Jack hoped this miracle would be done,

They started to dream about the day Santa would bring his bag of Christmas fun …..

Would he really remember to come?

– Tippy, Brandy, Ginny, and Little Jack

Day 02 (2008) – The Window

November 26, 2008


Day 2 – Wednesday Nov 26st 2008

While on my bed looking out in delight,

Tippy decided to gnaw on my tail, and take a bit old bite!

I yelped at the “old one” for getting back at me,

(like an older sister … I terrorize her first, you see).

We turned our heads after hearing the snow blow,

Our eyes stared out the frosty and cold window.

Freshly spotting the snow topped tree limbs,

I knew it was the day for my first Christmastime Dream to begin.

Our beloved four wheeled sleigh was still in the garage,

Just waiting to come out for the first white snow barrage.

Tippy and Me, doggy sisters we were made,

When I was adopted two months to this very day.

So, to a new adventure we must start on our way,

and to join us, we wish and ask that you may.

-Tippy and Brandy

Day 01 (2008) – Card Poem

November 25, 2008


Day 1 – Tuesday Nov 25th 2008

Sitting confused, perched at the window like a cat,

Brandy spots her owner with a new doggy Santa hat.

So much for a dog having dignity and pride,

having to wear it makes me just want to run and hide.

Everyone is so excited … but this is my first year for this,

All I hear about is this wonderful, yearly Christmas bliss.

Ginny seems to not know what’s going on at all,

With her headphones on, trying to tell her is like barking at a wall.

Watching the rest of the family running like crazy,

… I think it’s best I keep away and simply remain lazy.

I have no idea what this time does bring,

But I’m really hoping for a little doggy bling.

So please join me this year in The Christmastime Dream 2008,

…. and Santa, with my gifts, make sure you aren’t late!

– Brandy

The Christmastime Dream 2005 (full)

November 20, 2008

The Christmastime Dream 2005


Day 1

Down a snowy trail the children did play, enjoying the season the proper way…

Parents closely behind them, chasing away.

A new Christmastime dream blossoms in the children’s minds,

thoughts of ribbons and toys,

and many other joys.

Mom and Dad catching the contagious play of the little ones so loved,

Once again becoming the children others held close to their hearts,

being smiled upon by the angels from up above.

White snow covering a house, a never forgotten Yuletide decoration…

Children gaze in wonder of this amazing sight, as those behind remember in delight.

A crystal stream flows below, delivering joy for the snow.

Voices are heard singing of past Christmastime Dreams near the house’s white glow.

Christmastime life, dreams, and cheer …..never dying or forgotten,

sadly celebrated but once a year.

A snowy wonderland wakes a dormant scene, all smiling and smiling once again …

as planned,

The pulsing sound of an excited heart never slowing in this Christmastime land.

Flakes falling swiftly with the journey home from this place,

Eyes gazing at the Christmastime growing, warm cocoa close to one’s face.

On arrival what will be had?

Day 2

Through sleepy eyes it became a magical trip,

dreaming of the arrival of fabled old St. Nick.

Waking lightly to the glow of our home’s flickering lights,

hoping in five days Santa will see this holiday beacon while in flight.

Mom carrying little Sis,

with Me and my Brother shuffling along in a foggy bliss.

Dad dragging our winter fun gear,

silently muttering with a smile, “…. heavier ….. must be older this year.”

With the opening of the door flows a welcoming warmth,

onto our comfortable slumbers we go forth.

Drifting off to a magical land, my new toys appear in every way,

five more days, five more days, five more days wait……

Day 3

As the sun made it’s way through our blinds like a maze,

we awoke from our night’s sleepy haze.

Running out into the white wintery mess,

once outside we discovered … since yesterday it was quite less.

With our smiles turning upside down,

we wondered, “What did we do wrong to make this come ’round?”

What could we do to chase away this case of the blue?

My brother’s eyes beamed …. he had an idea it seemed,

I said to myself, “Sometimes the boy really does have a clue!”

He came flying out with a wonderful answer at best,

A fake pair of reindeer ears, that made the family beast realize there was to be no rest.

Tippy’s eyes enlarged with the sight of the waving reindeer ears,

“Why oh why does this always happen to me on some day, this part of the year?”

With that seemed an endless chase around the old oak,

Tippy’s fear slowly gave in to the joy of us young folk.

With the ears wiggling wildly on top of her head,

she snorted, snickered, and giggled as if saying “What else could be ahead?”

As our family friend lead a days worth of chases,

we found in The Christmastime Dream, snow didn’t even have to be….

to put a smile on our bright holiday faces.

Day 4

For seemingly no reason admist a great leaping,

Tippy adbruptly stopped and sent me spinning and screaming.

Like a great big red top with a siren,

all the neighbors heard, and with big grins started a smilin’.

Falling next to Tippy slightly dazed,

her tail pointing, eyes beaming, and snout sniffing ablaze …. she wasn’t even fazed.

We all looked in dismay,

what made crazy dog stop dead during play?

With a gentle whisp of Mother Nature’s breeze,

we new instantly that great answer …. Mom was baking up much to please.

We tore off in a race,

Tippy of course taking first place.

Running full never thinking to apply her brakes,

sliding to the pillow, the cat she quickly did awake.

Hearing a great screech, we all laughed at the display ,

We all lost thought when we noticed pumpking pie and a cake!

No occasion other than the Christmastime season did she put forth,

such a large batch of treats that gave our tummies such warmth.

Day 5

With our great wide smiles plainly on display,

Mom uttered the words, “Not a bite till you eat everything on your dinner plate.”

We gladly complied with her request at hand,

after dinner we attacked the treats as if we had a well thought out plan.

Standing next to the kitchen door Mom looked on with joy,

taking in the happiness on the faces of every young girl and boy.

Her delight was found in our smiles very late in this day,

all our hearts hoping she will never sway from her compassionate way.

Finishing the daily chores and putting the dishes in place,

I sat next to the fireplace a warm glow on my face.

With our tummies all full and the night coming soon,

our minds locked on one thing, which of course everyone knew …..

Four more days, four more days, four more days wait ….

till that big red man flies through the skies with a great sparkly trace.

Day 6

As our eyes opened up from the morning’s deep sleep,

the sun shown through the icy crystals with the new day’s first waking wink.

Wiping the window free of the icy art,

we saw a new cottony layer of white, and knew the morning had great start.

Our noses perked up as we noticed the smell of the morning’s fixin’s,

eggs, ham, flapjacks ….. already the flavors were mixin’.

Mom looked at us with a smile and let out a little laugh,

She exclaimed brightly, “Welcome to our holiday family breakfast bash.”

With the twist of a knob and the click of a lock,

Dad appeared in his PJ’s to inspect his flock.

His face beaming with life, even though right out of bed,

he announced we would be taking a trip in the family’s four wheeled sled.

Mother’s eyes rolling back ever so slight,

we knew there was concern after twelve inches of snow last night.

While Mom and Dad planned the events for the day,

my brother, sister, and I snuck out with Tippy rushing to play!

Day 7

Early in the morning it was near dark as night,

as we looked up we saw a star shining with all it’s might.

Thinking back to times not so far or near,

I wonder if Dad will try to follow it again this Christmastime year.

Dreaming about a story more that lots years old,

my parents say near this time of celebration it always needs to be told.

In my starry eyed day dreaming I noticed an airborn ball of white,

as if as snowman had fallen and stangely taken flight.

My sister stood laughing while my head still rang with a bell of large size,

my brother looked saddened as if he had lost his only treasured prize.

My brother lost control of the snowman he was building next to his sled,

he seemed to think it was wise to make it taller than his own head!

Sniffling, full of tears, “All I wanted a snowman with a large cheerful belly” …..

“…. Oh my!!”, his eyes widened with fright, “You’ve never been quite THIS smelly!”

It seems a black and white striped friend had been caught when ball of white and I did collide,

scrambling our best, we all ran and tried our best to quickly hide.

When Mom came out to check the commotion she noticed our unhappy friend,

“Get in here children or I’ll strike your names of Santa’s list with my own mighty pen.”

Even as she made her best effort to act and seem mad,

we knew dad’s trip would have to be cancelled … and that didn’t exactly make her sad!

My dad on the chair with a face full of frown,

unhappy that we would not travel to his favorite town.

“A story I want to tell you” said he, “Whew!!!! …. after you get clean!”,

“a tale of grace and compassion in a time when all seemed to be mean.”

Day 8

Not long after Dad told of his story treat …. his nose started twitchin’,

and quickly decide to move the family crisis cleanup camp away from the kitchen.

As I swiftly was moved into the garage,

everyone attacked my winter clothing in a comical barrage.

Everything bagged, double bagged, and very tightly tied,

I was left standing looking as if to start to cry.

When breaking into a run I knocked a great box aside,

wrapped presents from within spilled as it continued to ride.

With great big smile we looked at our parents as Dad said,

“Those presents are for children that may have never seen the great man in red.”

Upon hearing that great statement with our youthful ears,

we realized how great it is to receive gifts for so many of our young years.

I know now the best part of the gift of The Christmastime Dream,

is to help that great big elf make other children’s eyes beam.

As our father turned to our mother, her face full of grace,

“Those gifts are for children on the way to my favorite place.”

Knowing the reason for his trip on which we were to go,

she said, “Tomorrow we may travel …. but please keep the sled driving safely slow!”

“The story I do promise to tell, during our travels on the next day”,

“Now to a tradition … add more joy to the Christmastime tree I do say.”

Day 9

We rushed to the tree and Dad reached under the stand,

and pulled out old fashioned garland strung in a lengthy strand.

He then pulled out a box the looked like it came from another land,

With a smile he said, “These are Christmastime decorations from when I was a young man.”

Although old, fragile, and slightly frayed,

some seemed to glow in a strange angelic way.

Giving these old dusty dreams new life,

they seemed to sparkle like a Dove’s eyes when in flight.

Working through the day we got the towering spruce just right,

the lights shown on it bright as the day became another night.

Our tree did now fill the room with it’s glow,

the Christmas time joy we all need in our heart it did show.

Three more days, three more days, three more days we have to be good ….

giving happiness and joy as Mom says we always should.

Day 10

Waking late in this winter day,

I noticed Dad already loading his four wheel sleigh.

Tippy jumping around an endless ball of fun,

obviously convinced she’s going on this gift giving run.

“Children get ready!”, he yelled, “The car is loaded to the brim!”,

Christmastime always unlocks the excited little kid in him.

We put on our coats and gathered a night’s worth clothes,

My little brother still looking like he showered with the garden hose.

Stepping into the car we looked behind, gifts stacked all nice and neat,

Mom rubbing her hands togethers and telling Dad, “It’s time to turn on the heat”.

And our adventure did start this magical day,

hopefully and angel will guide along this trip all of the way.

Rolling out of the driveway we swore we heard the sound of tiny bells,

Was that the sound of a blessing from St. Nick? On this day only time will tell.

Day 11

Dad are you going to tell us your story?

or are you going to let the drive turn boring?

Dad nodded and started his story about the place we travel to,

a place he says where everything old looks new.

The story was at a time when this country saw great divide,

two side could not decide which way was and neither would lose pride.

After arguing at great length about the greatest issue of the time,

they decided to fight, mostly with boys in their prime.

Families were torn and some fought against one another,

once loving families now hate brought between brothers.

One thing I may say even in war on a certain day,

even hate gives in to the Christastime way.

Soldiers who were told to attack each other,

looked the other way on that day and treated the other like a brother.

The Christmastime Dream came alive even on that cold winter,

keeping hope amongst all that peace in families would no longer be hindered.

After exchanging gifts, sometimes a hug or a handshake,

knowing the morn’ after this Christmastime Day they would fight after they awake.

But Dad, why did families have to fight and hate?

“Children”, he said, “There are many that ask that question even till this day.”

Day 12

Dad slowed for a turn up a road that looked well used ski trail,

“Well”, Moms said, “I hope the chains I bought you for Christmas last year don’t fail.”

As we slowly made our way we saw what looked like a horse and sleigh,

Dad asked the man behind the horse, “Can you tell me where the home is of a family named Davis?”

Well son, I’m the old man of that clan,

just follow my trusty old transport, if you can.

That family doesn’t own car because most of the land was taken away that they farmed,

yet they treat everyone they know as if there family was never financially harmed.

We are here today because of grace in their hearts they give,

even when the Christmastime Dream to them may seem dim.

Right out of the car we were greated with the biggest smile by far,

Dad still grabbing gifts while hanging off the door ajar.

Day 13

Juggling the last gift, it gave Dad quite a bout,

a little Davis came running out.

Staring like he’d never seen presents so bright and shiny.

only three standing next to the pile he looked quite tiny.

As the family Davis came out the check on the ruckus,

as a bright star shown even in the sun up above us.

We strode into the Davis home,

the family dog sitting by the door chewing on his bone.

We stacked them under the Christmas tree,

which next to gifts you could almost not see.

But it show with all it’s beautiful lights,

how anything in The Christmastime Dream can be quite bright.

Even the dog got a new toy,

which he chewed on, family watching, with joy.

Treated to a small family dinner and celebration that day,

my father announced to the next family we will have to be on our way.

Driving away the family Davis stood in line to wave “bye”,

we continued our journey under a beautiful blue sky.

Day 14

Driving along the highway road enjoying the icy snow shiny and looking wet,

we received a call from a friend at home checking on the family pet.

Frantically she quickly explained,

she checked the house and Tippy did not remain.

Children, she said, untie the gift bag and dig down deep,

as we did we found Tippy in the bottom with ear back looking as if to weep.

Her heart wanted to go with us on this trip of giving,

my brother was right earlier when he said the bad sounded as if it was living.

Coming up to the next home we found a road full of snow,

crossing and old bridge we hoped the extra weight would not cause it to bow.

It was a darker house and we recieved no greeting like the other,

Father then told us this was a family with no mother.

Day 15

Unloading the car grabbing toys and bags of food,

we looked at the home, it seemed to have quite a somber mood.

Walking towards the snow covered house,

Tippy walked cautiously as if scared of a little white mouse.

When we knocked on the door,

little moved did we hear, but soon some more.

The door creeked open by a man of thirty looking seventy,

three children near the fire hoping the logs keeping them warm would be plenty.

My dad introduced our family to the quiet crew,

and said hopefully we can make a days happy … at least a few.

On the table sat a half knitted set of mittens to be Christmas presents,

the man told of his wife’s passing and said she’s now finishing the mittens in heaven.

Tippy finally walked into the house, she was hiding on the porch,

she licked the man’s hand and his eyes finally brightened lightly like a half lit torch.

Turning to the children my father handed them each a gift,

“If your Dad gives permission you may open them this few days before if you wish.”

The father knodded and the children ripped the paper to shreds,

and played with their new toys heartily until time to turn in to their beds.

While playing on the father we finally saw a smile,

by his almost permanent face, it hadn’t been there for a while.

My mother cooked a small dinner for father and children over the fire,

and the father said “If I can even afford a cook, I hope you’re for hire!”

With Tippy playing with the family we brightened up the place,

hanging garland and such given a new light to the space.

Looking back on our way to the car,

the old creepy house seemed to hold the biggest smile we have ever seen by far.

Day 16

With the stops done that we had to make,

we drove down the road when Mom spotted a flake.

Thankful that we are over the mountains,

Dad said that Mom will still spout worry like a fountain.

Down the main road going through a few small towns,

all the lights shining bright growing big smile from even the largest frowm.

Remembering the Tippy had stowed aboard from home,

Mom called the Inn on the phone.

They said Tippy would be no problem this time of year,

but they made us promise to put on her reindeer ears!

We arrived at the town beginning o’ night,

Horse drawn carriages on the street with lanterns colorful and bright.

A large town square Christmastime tree plainly in sight,

showing a joyful glow, not just a plain bright light.

Pulling in to the Inn the family was all beat,

dad said “Tomorrow the family is in for a real Christmastime treat.”

Two more days, two more days, two more days wait ….

till our shipment arrives from that flying red sleigh!

Day 17

We awoke the next morn’ to a light snow flurry … nothing hard,

looking out the window it looked just like a Christmastime card.

Not a car in sight,

only horses drawing carriages with all their might.

Real candles in the windows of the homes,

and carolers dressed as if in a Dicken’s story through the streets they roamed.

Kids running around the town square tree fenced border,

Santa sitting in his big chair taking last minute orders.

We all rushed out of bed,

getting dressed, the sleep still working out of our heads.

My brother got Tippy into the Christmastime spirit putting on her reindeer ears,

this time almost looking like smiled, and did not act as if it was one of her big fears.

All the family half asleep we walked out from the Inn,

a carriage was parked out front and with gentleman opening the door for us to get in.

We took a tour of the tiny town,

the men dresses sharp, the women in beautiful Christmas gowns,

Where ever we went no matter how modern the place,

it seemed as olden times took over ever little Christmastime space.

We stopped at a very old restaurant, our family of five,

a nice neighbor with a white beard watched Tippy who looked happy and bright.

The old place we ate was many hundred years old,

we had a traditional meal while carols heard and stories told.

Our stomachs were filled to the brim,

but then and old fashioned Christmas pudding did they bring in.

We gobbled that up filling slightly ill,

with the looks on our faces, Mom told us to stop …. we had our fill.

Browsing the old time stores along the sidewalks with snow drifts,

we picked out for each other some old time stocking stuffer gifts.

We enjoyed the rest of the day,

singing carols and sending an occasional snowball on it’s way.

The activity in the Christmas town,

started to lighten up at the later hours now.

Back to the Inn we packed our great stash of memories and gifts,

and into the car our stow away Tippy we gave a lift.

Tired and sleepy we drifted off fast in the car,

it was the funnest trip we ever had to a land not so far.

One more day, one more day, one more days wait …..

I hope dad hurries back, for tomorrow night is Christmas eve, and we don’t want to be late!

Day 18 – Christmas Eve Part 1

Awaking Christmas Eve Morn with a loud clatter,

Sis said ” That would be Dad putting the toys together that he thought Santa would leave for latter.”

We crept out of out beds slowly opening our bedroom doors ever so slightly,

Dad must have heard as he covered everythting with sheets trying to keep noise down to lightly.

Walking down the stairs we noticed Mom’s cooking smelled very fair,

we tried to keep our excitement down to a point where our parents would not even know it was there.

Slowly we ate breakfast, smile growing on our faces,

Dad said after wrapping presents we would visit one of our favorite family places.

We knew where we were going a place we look forward to every year,

a place kids think of as fondly as a cute teddy bears.

We yelled out “We’re going to Ol’ Walt’s house for Chrismas Eve night”,

it’s a place kids looks forward to without the slightest fright.

The old story my parents say, even to this day …..

is that Santa stops there first for us kids ….. even before Christmas day.

Dad always said it’s because Walt’s rooftop Christmas lights are so joyous and bright,

Santa has to stop there early first to recover before any further flight.

It’s regarded at the North Pole as the best known Christmastime beacon found anywhere by best,

we all know Walt’s electric bill must be bigger than the rest.

It’s well known that the best Christmastime Joy is kept all year in old man Walt’s heart,

and it gives all other Christmastime Dreams a good push for a bright start.

Day 19 – Christmas Eve Part 2

After loading gifts for family and friends into the car,

we started on our way … our favorite holiday trip every year by far.

Riding past all the beautiful Christmastime lights,

Dad drove so fast we almost took flight.

Arriving close to our destinate we all donned our sunglasses,

for the holiday light from Walt’s house would blind us without protective glasses.

My sister, brother and I all ran out and into the house,

my brother running through my Aunt’s legs like a little mouse.

All the cousins already tearing into their presents making a mess of the place,

Old Walt in his easy chair puffing a pipe with a big smile on his face.

My brother got a truck, little Sis a new baby doll,

and myself new skating pads for when I take a fall!

Day 20 – Christmas Eve Part 3

With all the ruckus quieting down,

we knew it was time to leave and quickly we all wore a slight frown.

Old Walt saw the sad look on our faces,

and reminded us we needed to be asleep by midnight or Santa would skip us and go to other places.

Leaving the house and in the picture window,

we watched Walt shutting down his part of The Christmastime Dream as we walked in the snow.

The tree shut off, the train parked in the station,

Walt lit his pipe and sat back for a little end of season relaxation.

Riding home in the car there was only one thought,

no more days wait as tonight our presents should be dropped in a big bundled lot!

Day 21 – Christmas Morning

Christmas morning I don’t even remember Dad carrying us in,

from what y brother said half awake, I was to heavy Dad had to roll me in a plastic bin.

With the sleep finally out of our eyes we all realized it was Christmas morning,

we ran out of our rooms, skiddng on the flooring.

Little brother was first down the steps,

Sis next tightly behind not a skipping a step.

We all hit the tree at almost the same time,

making the tree trimmings almost go flying.

Mom and Dad coming down the steps slowly,

Dad holding the camera, Mom graceful with her Christmas colored robe flowing.

Both with tears in theirs eyes as they watched us little ones rip open gifts,

as if us children having fun was their only Christmastime wish.

As we opened our gift we discovered nothing forgotten from our list this year,

This surely will be a Christmastime Dream we all will hold dear.

Day 22 -Closing:

Santa swung around after his final to drop,

we’re going to stop off at old man Walt’s for the season’s last cocoa and a few ginger drops.

Santa and Walt crashed on the couch resting after a busy and joyous last scene,

enjoying their fresh brews of hot cocoa beans.

This brings this year’s Christmastime Dream to it’s finality,

the family named James wishes that a Christmastime Dream can become your reality.

It’s brought on by collective years memories,

giving kindness, and grace time to make friends of even great enemies.

Myself Phil, little brother Billy, Sis, Mom and Dad ….

till next year ….. when another Christmastime Dream will be had.

Thank you for reading,

Lawrence A Capozzolo – Author

Poem Details:

Settings: Pittsburgh PA (Main), Pennsylvania Mountains (the two family visits while traveling), Old Time Town (Gettysburg, PA), Old Man Walt’s Place (actual home of Walt and Ruby Gregg – I thank them deeply for much inspiration into this poem).


November 19, 2008


Welcome to The Christmas Time Dream 2008!

If you have every read The Christmas Time Dream before, you will be familiar with one of the characters – Tippy. Well, she is back, but with a different family. The previous family has moved to another country because of the father’s work needs. With this happening, they felt leaving Tippy with a neighboring family with two children that needed a “friend”. Shortly after Tippy acquired an adopted sister named Brandy. She’s young and little bit of a troublemaker. When Tippy’s old family left her with a new family, they also asked the new family to keep a tradition of their yearly Christmas field trip which included visiting families and giving them a small, but much need does of Christmas cheer. Since this year’s family was a little dysfunctional, they were initially hesitant, but the children loved Tippy so much they agreed.

New Characters for 2008:

Brandy (dog) – a fun trouble maker that tends to get out of things others can’t.

Erin Watermaker (mom) – a take charge woman, slightly lacking in compassion, but that changes throughout the story.

Doug Watermaker (dad) – too nice …. builds up firmness in situations helping others.

Ginny (daughter 12) – tends to be rebellious, tries to hide the fact that helping others is key in her understanding herself.

Little Jack (son 4) – constantly needs attention, irritates sister, harasses dogs.